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Have you at any point purchased a scale that you need to use in a moist or clammy condition and inside a couple of days it goes dead?

Have you at any point purchased a scale that you need to use in a moist or clammy condition and inside a couple of days it goes dead? All things considered, we have seen this with a portion of our industry like the angling and the synthetics business.

These ventures have exceptionally high water drainage into the gauging scale and on the grounds that dampness and hardware are ceaseless foes, your scale before long quits working. Things being what they are, what will you do in these conditions?

Technoweigh India, also referred as TWI, has created water safe and waterproof scales for such enterprises. Presently the contrast between the two is

Water Resist Scales are impervious to water and dampness. So on the off chance that you use them in high dampness condition, these scales won’t short in light of an extraordinary compound covering on its motherboard and a unique kind of Load cell that we produce. In any case, these scales are not waterproof. Which implies that on the off chance that you embed the scale in water, the scale will conk off. These scales are made for high mugginess conditions like synthetic concoctions and solidified nourishments.

We likewise make full waterproof scales. Those scales, regardless of whether completely submerged in water, won’t turn sour. They are made of exceptional waterproof Motherboards and Load cells that are hydrophobic in nature and won’t be influenced with water. These are famous in the angling business and Poultry industry. One more favorable position of a completely waterproof scale is they are very simple to clean. They simply must be drenched in a shower of Dettol or Phenyle and the scale is spotless of the considerable number of creepy crawlies inside the scale (you will be amazed what things we find in the scale). In view of the synthetic concoctions utilized in hydrophobic Load cells and Motherboards, they become rat safe. The smell of the synthetic compounds aggravates the noses of the rodents. So they are likewise famous in storage facilities and different spots where there is a high rat perversion.


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We are the Leading manufacturers, Suppliers and exporters of all kind of Weighbridge, Mobile Weighbridge, Pitless Weighbridge & Portable Weighbridge. Focus on quality is always one of the prime motives of our organization. All of our products are quality tested and reliable in performance. These products are also endowed with unique features like platform design for easy carry out; adopt special protective technology, suitable for any environment in applications, corrosion-resistant finish and durable finish standards. Client’s satisfaction is our prime objective. Our team is the driving force behind all our business operations and thus, we have employed well-versed and skilled professionals, who are well acquainted with the latest market trends. They execute a thorough analysis to study the different Weighbridges related sectors and their specific needs.

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